natural building

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“Natural Building” - the use of natural, renewable, low embodied carbon materials in construction. These materials include locally available natural fibres and abundant mineral resources, e.g. clay, straw, hemp, timber, cork, local stone, sand, lime, wool, and are used as structural fabric, insulation and finishes in buildings, both in retrofit and new build.


Whether used as raw materials, or in manufactured commercial products, natural building materials share common characteristics of vapour-permeability, low embodied carbon or carbon sequestration, and an absence of any chemical treatments which might accidentally introduce harmful chemicals into buildings, and resource efficiency.


Many of these materials offer a natural, local, low-carbon-impact route to achieving exceptional thermal performance in the built environment, while ensuring the health and wellbeing of building occupants and producing low- or zero-carbon buildings.


Learn about a variety of different natural building materials and construction techniques from industry experts: